Thank You

I’ve recently made it up to almost 180 followers. I really do want to say thank you all for following me, because half the time I feel like I have absolutely nothing important to say; half the time I feel like a pretentious poop face when I talk about “important” things; and half the time I’m just an idiot student/musician trying to promote myself and/or “save the world.”

I’ve said it before, but most of the time I probably have no idea what I’m talking about. Most of the time, I’m probably wrong about something. It’s absolutely a thrill to find that people agree with me or are at least interested in what I have to say sometimes, so thanks.

I started this blog nearly three years ago almost on a whim. I’ve talked about a million different things, thrown out really stupid and/or random ideas, and I’ve changed, and it’s changed a lot. I’ve been terribly controversial, and incredibly boring, and for some reason people read this stuff.

I really do appreciate it, so thanks for reading, thanks for stopping by, and thanks for coming back!


Something To Do With Everything And Nothing

I wrote a post last night and after I went to sleep I gained my 100th follower. I am totally amazed that I even made it anywhere near the triple digit mark. My blog still doesn’t have a particularly specific audience or theme, but I hope it conveys the message that life is good if we make it so; God loves us all no matter what, and we have infinite love to share. I truly believe that all the problems in the world could be solved with patience and love, and I have found that there are a lot of like minded people out there.

I have been followed by cynics, atheists, believers, artists and Internet gurus and in a lot of cases our blogs have nothing in common, so I suspect it is because we share the belief that love is true and we are one.

I just want to thank all of you again for following me and sharing that sentiment, because it’s a message that should be shared with the world.

Because in my world guinea pigs can fly!


Happy Bday, FGP!

A few days ago; June 17 was flyinguineapig’s first birthday. I think I’ve actually changed quite a bit in the past year. I think it’s for the better. I’m glad I’m changing because it means I’m growing. I still have some old habits I need to kick, but I think most people probably do.

Anyway, this post is for you guys; my readers. As of today, 84 people follow this blog. I was super happy when I had 20 people following me. Heck, I was happy that anyone read at all. I can’t believe that I’m on my way to 100. As many of you guys know, I have a “gonna save the world” kick, and this blog is my little contribution for now.

Thanks so much for reading. ❤

The Meandering Hat

I just checked my stats for this blog as I do every so often, and I discovered that I have 43 people following my wordy shenanigans! That’s just so cool! When I started this blog I wasn’t sure I’d get anyone to read it let alone follow it! I’m still not exactly sure why people are following me. I’m not sure what people like to read and what kind of posts get the most attention, but evidently people like my stories and my philosophical banter, so I guess I’ll just keep rambling!

The hope is that this blog might be helpful or somehow inspiring. I probably don’t achieve that as often as I would like, but the fact that you guys are following makes me think I might have few little gold nuggets somewhere mixed in with the poop.

I sincerely want to say thank you to you guys for reading, and I want to thank God for the success that I’ve had because He puts the words in my head when I don’t know what to write. If you have any advice for me from any perspective at all, please comment.