Between Time And Eternity

Last night there was still a lingering remnant of light in the sky at 7:00 PM. Spring is here; Spring is coming.

Today, I went outside and took the long way to go to my second class because it was finally warm. Spring is here; Spring is coming.

The days are slowly getting warmer and longer. Spring is here; Spring is coming.

Soon I’ll be able to go on my daily wander around the neighborhood without my feet freezing. Spring is here; Spring is coming.

Soon I’ll be able to bring my bird outside and show him that the world is bigger than our kitchen. Spring is here; Spring is coming.

The snow is finally melting and the first patches of grass are appearing. Spring is here; Spring is coming.

Things will start growing.

The icecream shop down the street will open and we’ll go there when it’s still too cold for icecream.

In May we’ll open the pool, even though it’ll be too cold to swim.

We prepare for Summer because Spring is here; Spring is coming.

My dad will order seeds for when it’s time to plant them, and every year our garden grows. Spring is here; Spring is coming.

We are now between things. It’s been a long winter.

This is the time of careful steps; of love; of touch and sunlight: and Grace is found in the cracks between Time and Eternity–the spaces where there is found suspended disbelief and miracles and hope

The Kingdom is here; the Kingdom is coming.

Because in my world guinea pigs can fly!


It’s raining. Sometimes I think rain is a sign of good luck. It always rains when I do an open mic. I usually pick a few dates per month to perform, and it invariably rains on those days. We’re leaving for a week to go camping in Maine tomorrow. Camping in the rain is awful, but the forecast looks good for tomorrow and the rest of the week. We have a few super fun plans for this trip. The first thing on my list is to go to my uncle’s house and learn to shoot a gun. It just seems like it could be fun. I would probably never own one, and I’m not exactly a fan of hunting, but just shooting at targets or something seems like it could be enjoyable. It’s just something I want to try.

My brother and cousin and I are planning to organize a Capture the Flag tournament. Whichever team wins 2 out of 3 games will win. We’ll have one game at night and one during the day and we’ll have a tiebreaker if we need to. Most of my mom’s extended family comes, so we’ll have plenty of people to play.

We also do a mile swim every year. I’ve only made it all the way a handful of times, including last year. Of course I’m going to shoot for it again this year. I’m usually the last one to finish, but I think the trick is to take it slow. It’s not really a race; we just like to see who can make it the whole way.

I’m also organizing a talent night with another cousin. We did it last year for the first time, and it actually turned out okay. It probably would have been better if the weather had been nicer. Last year was specifically a jam night; meant for musicians only, but this year we’re doing a talent night to hopefully get more people. There are plenty of odd people with odd talents at camp, so I figured we’d get everyone we could. I think our other mistake was that we were trying to get people to sign up ahead of time, but this year I think we’ll just do it free-for-all style. Last year the rangers let us use the amphitheater where they show movies on Saturdays and Thursdays. They show a lot of Disney movies, which is fun. I made my cousins watch “Chicken Run,” and I think they’re still scarred.

Because in my world guinea pigs can fly!

Album Cover Part 2: Missed The Picture

It’s gray and nasty out today. I’m not exactly sure what white nastiness is falling from the sky now, but it was raining on the highway. I saw what would have made an awesome album cover on the way to school, though. I didn’t get a pic, which I’m so mad about, but I suppose I can try and recreate it. Picture a gray sky and a hill covered in snow with nothing behind it and a few scattered trees in front. I can’t quite put my finger on why I liked it so much. As soon as my brother gets home I’m going to figure out where Paint.NET went. I’m trying to schedule another recording session for Friday. In the mean time…. FRIED CHICKEN!!!!

Hurricane Sandy

Well everybody, I’m just one girl, but I figured I could post a prayer for the peeps who are going to be hit hard (especially my buddy’s family near NYC), and maybe if some people read this, you guys can pray too.

Heavenly Father, I’d like to pray for everyone on the east coast who is going to be effected by this hurricane. I would just like to pray that you would be here with us through this storm and through whatever comes in the aftermath. I would also pray that people will be able to make good decisions in this and be patient in dealing with whatever happens.

In Jesus’ name we pray,


Good luck to anyone who’s going to be going through this. I hope everyone is going to be ok.