Dedicated To Harris Curtis

Harris Curtis was my grandfather. He passed away in November, and I still think about him. Anyway, I was thinking earlier today about how weird it is that Grammie-and-Papa has been just Grammie for several months now, so I wrote a poem about it.

We See Things In Our Sleep

Life is not a sitcom.
It was weird
when Grammie and Papa’s
phone number became Grammies’
phone number.
It was weirder still
when Grammie and Papa
became Grammie.

After the fall
things just fell apart,
And he had to leave home.

I remember reading somewhere
that life comes and goes
full circle.
We are born small and
speechless, and he died
small and speechless.

I wasn’t there
for the two-day vigil,
when my father dreamed,
and his father breathed
his last breath.

I was there for the funeral,
to play a song and send him off
wherever he was going.

We see things in our sleep.
My father and grandfather
walked amongst the trees
and strange creatures, until
they came upon the lantern man.

I walked with Death, who smiled
and said it would be fine.
Another night I heard angels sing.

Grammie saw her husband
kiss her son goodbye.

I saw him smile in a perfect photograph.

Not Sure Why

I have a tendency to capitalize letters that don’t need to be capitalized. I think it’s just because I like the way they look better than their lowercase versions. For example, I like “G” so much better than “g.” I also like “O,” “C,” “D” and “P” much better than their lowercase equivalents. Whenever I’m writing I have a weird tendency to capitalize these letters when they don’t need to be capitalized. I almost invariably write “Guitar” when I’m supposed to write “guitar.” I only do it with certain words, though. I almost invariably write “good” when I’m supposed to write it like that. I also have a tendency to just leave “Caps Lock” on when I’m just talking to a friend on Facebook or something. Something that is very interesting is that on it’s own, lowercase “i” drives me crazy, but lowercase “j” does not. They’re almost the exact same letter, so it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I suppose it’s similar to how I like bright red but I dislike some darker shades of red.

Anyway, just a random tidbit I thought was kind of interesting. 🙂